Created by: Ahmed Anwar

The goal of this lab is to communicate three expressions using grounded force feedback from the Haply device only.

I started off the process of word selection by keeping three goals in mind. Firstly, the words should be mapped to the haptic feedback. Secondly, the three…

Created by: Ahmed Anwar

In this lab, we had to assemble the Haply device and come up with a maze design and implement it using processing and Haply. Please note that I received my Haply late, so I am submitting this lab now. In addition, I would like to acknowledge…

Group Members: Ahmed, Karthik, Rayan, Kattie


Our overall project is aimed towards Haptic Data Visualization (HDV). In iteration 1, we experimented with a simple bar chart using vibrotactile and auditory feedback. However, in this iteration, we want to experiment with more complex graph type i.e. …


Our project is aimed towards Haptic Data Visualization (HDV) using the force-feedback and vibrotactile feedback. We wanted to explore different ways in which trends and data can be experienced in graphs using haptic interaction in a way that can assist visually impaired individuals.


The motivation behind the first iteration was…

Ahmed Anwar

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