CanHap: Lab3

Created by: Ahmed Anwar


Expression Selection

In the next step, I explored the different forms of feedbacks that can be represented by the Haply device. To represent different elements in the sketch, I used the Fisica library because it provides the functionality to render different feedbacks upon interaction with the end-effector. During this exploration process, I played with different properties of the Fisica objects such as damping, velocity and location. However, other than these, there was not a lot to render which is I guess a limitation of Haply if it is constrained by no visual mode.

My initial set of words were, excited, angry, soothing, slow, lazy. Subsequently, I felt that a lot of words had an overlap in their meaning. Like slow and lazy could be clubbed together. To get some assistance, I then looked at the valence-arousal model for emotion classification. This helped me to narrow down three words to Soothing, Angry & Tired


Rough sketch design

Another design constraint was that the user must not know the identities of the regions before hand or visually from the sketch. Therefore, I felt that it was important to keep the the look of the final visual same.

Final Sketch in Processing

Word 1: Soothing

Word 2: Angry

Word 3: Tired



User testing


Secondly, I feel that the number of interactions that can be achieved by Haply are very limited. Due to this reason, I could not add a lot of context to each expression which also prevented the users to not fully immerse into the context of the expression. Therefore, I believe that having higher DoF devices like Phantom could be used to provide richer linguistic and emotional expressions.



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