Lab 2: Intro to Haply

Created by: Ahmed Anwar


Device and Environment Setup

Firstly, I downloaded all the sketches from and ran all one by one. The most helpful were the “Hello Maze” and “Hello Ball”. With these sketches I experienced the force-feedback for the first time using Haply in this course. While running the sketches, I realized that resetting the Haply to its original position after you are done with the sketch is very important. In cases when I overlooked this step, the end effector would not reach the entire sketch due to miscalibration.

Designing Maze

Helper Function to add walls
Maze design

However, a major mistake I made during designing sketch was that I kept the starting position of the maze in the bottom-left corner of the maze. I wanted that the Haply’s end-effector should start from the starting position (green ball), but I realized that it was not possible as the Haply starts from the top-middle position due to calibration requirements. Hence, I had to come up with a way to place the end-effector to the starting position and load the maze.

To achieve this, “Hello Maze” sketch came to my aid. I added two colored balls as starting and ending points for the sketch. When the game starts, the walls are disabled and colored white to give the impression that they there is no maze. When we touch the starting point (green ball), the walls are enabled This gives the impression that a maze has been created. If the user tries to cross the walls, he/she experiences resistance from the haply. When the user navigates to the end position (red ball), the game is reset.

Maze Demo




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