HapLearn Iteration 2




  1. Construction of scatterplot
  2. Adding navigation to a particular point (Rayan)
  3. Map haptic feedback using Haply to a point’s value (Kattie and Ahmed)
  4. Map vibrotactile feedback using actuators to the graph (Karthik)



Navigation approach
Navigation sketch

Haptic Feedback

code for plotting few points on scatterplot
code for incorporating damping in the data points
Sketch with Damping to represent Friction
Bumpiness and stickiness when in crowded area

Vibrotactile Feedback

Personal Contribution


Next Iteration


Broken Haply wire (Luckily I was able to get soldered from hardware store) It was scary as the socket was made of plastic and I was afraid that it would melt the socket as well.




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Ahmed Anwar

Ahmed Anwar

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